I’m Sharing My Good Intentions with the World!

I’m excited (and a little nervous) to announce that I’m doing something totally new and outside of my comfort zone. On Monday, March 28, 2022 I’m launching a new show available on YouTube and Rumble called Good Intentions.

I decided on the title Good Intentions because of something I’ve heard Ed Mylett say in an interview that has stuck with me for years. That video is here. The entire thing is gold, but skip to the 18 minute mark to hear what inspired me. Also, I have heard Ed say that whenever you have a problem, you should take all your energy and focus it toward finding a solution. This approach is the opposite of what 98% of people do. Whenever we have a problem we fixate on the issue. We obsess over it. We call our friends and want to talk about the problem, but not necessarily the solution. If you instead take that energy and start looking for solutions, the problem will cease to exist.

I am seeing way too many people be problem-oriented rather than solution-oriented. That’s where I want to help. I have known for years that I have an ability to talk to people, not only that I have the ability to talk to others, but also to listen. That has served me well as a journalist, because I tend to put people at ease with my presence and it makes them want to open up and discuss things. My friends have always sought me out for advice.

And for years I’ve recognized I have this ability, but have either brushed it off as a quality that isn’t that remarkable, or I’ve spent time running from this gift. Sometimes I haven’t wanted to bear the weight of the responsibility of helping people find their way out of the darkness. But, I know gifts aren’t given to be a burden, they’re given in order to prevent them.

I’m launching this show on March 28 for a specific reason. It’s the ten year anniversary of my dad’s death, and while some may think that’s a morbid date to pick to bring a new project into the world, I disagree. It’s a great way to honor him and to honor the natural cycle of death and birth (and rebirth).

And, my dad always encouraged me to confidently walk down my own path in life. He was also the kind of person who could walk into a room and everyone would instantly smile and be elated that he was there. When people he knew had a problem they wanted to talk through, he was the first person they asked for advice (sound familiar?).

I know I inherited his unique ability to inspire others and provide them with guidance. And I don’t intend to waste that ability. My hope is that you’ll subscribe to the show on YouTube or Rumble, but I will be sharing a shortened version of the shows here on my blog (in text with a link to the video).

You can watch a 30 second teaser video I made to promote the show here.

And if you have a problem you need a solution for, email goodintentionsshow(at)gmail(dot)com and I may be able to offer you a solution!


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