Gardening and Abundance

Late this spring I got into gardening, doing what I could with the space available on our balcony. I have a container garden that is mostly filled with herbs, small pepper plants, and an unproductive tomato plant. I was so looking forward to making salsa and eating fresh, homegrown tomatoes on sandwiches (sigh). 

So far, I’m getting some harvests from my pepper plants and loving adding herbs to things (mint in my tea and I’m making a lavender syrup from honey, water, and dried lavender).

I plan to make some lemonade with my lavender syrup (yes, lots of clutter in the background…we’ve outgrown our current space!)

Even though I’m just starting to get my feet wet as a gardener, I see how having a green thumb cultivates an abundance mindset. One seed yields a plant and a plant yields a harvest. But as I’ve gotten into the gardening community, I’m understanding how abundance is a thread that’s woven throughout the act of planting, growing, harvesting, and beyond that. Abundance isn’t just through plants, but also through sharing information, knowledge, seeds, and time. 

A couple weekends ago I attended a garden swap event and although I didn’t have anything to swap, I walked away with a lot of free stuff! I came away with a couple books, dried lavender, a basil plant, some fresh herbs, and produce. The swap event was just another example of the abundance I’ve slowly come to recognize as I’ve really dug into gardening (see what I did there? 🙂 )

A shot from the garden swap event in July.

The abundance has really opened my eyes and mind, so much so, that I talked about how gardening has shifted my perspective on my latest episode of Good Intentions, my video podcast on YouTube and Rumble.

I’d love to hear your experiences with abundance, whether it’s something you don’t see as “being attainable for you” (that’s a lie, BTW) or maybe you’re an abundance master, I want to know! Leave a comment below and share away.