Save Money on Groceries and Prepare for a Rainy Day by Using Mylar Food Storage Bags

Since 2020, I’ve gotten into food storage, preparedness, and real world skill-building. I don’t think I need to mention why I’ve found these new interests in the last two years, but if supply chain issues, shortages, crisis after crisis, and inflation don’t have you at least curious on ways to be more prepared, you might not get much from this post. Recently, I discovered a new way to store dry food long-term. The process of storing food in mylar bags was foreign to me just three months ago, but thanks to several women preppers I found on Instagram, I learned this process quickly. And then I became obsessed with not only using this product, but also partnering with the company I purchased my mylar bags from.

The basic tools needed to store dry food long-term: mylar food storage bags, oxygen absorbers, a Sharpie, and an iron to heat seal the bag.

If you’re like I was a few months ago, you may be wondering why someone would need to purchase mylar bags to store food. The simple answer is, they extend the shelf life on things like dried beans, pasta, rice, flour, and coffee – by a lot! When stored properly, some foods have a shelf life of 30 years. At this point, I’m not looking to store food that long, but they do come in handy to prepare for possible shortages, and to help save money on food.

One way we save money is through buying at Costco, but sometimes those huge portions don’t work for our household. That’s where the mylar bags come in handy for me. Last month, we purchased 25 pounds each of flour and rice at Costco. A couple of weekends ago I portioned the rice and the flour into one-gallon mylar bags so we don’t have to worry about trying to use everything up before it can spoil. Plus, we live in an apartment, and trying to store these two bags isn’t the easiest task.

25 lbs of white rice stored in six one-gallon mylar bags, and the flour fit into five mylar bags.

Some people store their mylar bags in buckets or totes to keep rodents out (especially if they’re storing their food in a basement). This isn’t an option for us, but I was able to fit all my bags into a couple reusable grocery bags. The 25 lbs of white rice stored in six one-gallon mylar bags, and the flour fit into five mylar bags. In addition to the 50 pounds of Costco goodies, I have a mylar bag with about four pounds of oats that I found on sale, and a couple of mylar bags of pasta (in January I found pasta on sale for .75 a pound and I couldn’t pass that up). 

Apply heat from an iron or a hair straightener to seal the bag.

No matter the food you’re storing, you’ll need to drop an oxygen absorber into the bag before you seal it. The OA won’t make the bag look vacuum sealed, but it will remove excess oxygen and moisture – (this is what extends the shelf life of your food!). Once the OA is in the bag, all that’s left to do is seal it up. If you’re using the type I have pictured above, close the bag with the zipper like a Zip-loc bag, then apply heat to make sure the bag doesn’t come open. You can use an iron on the wool setting, or even a hair straightener to heat seal the mylar.  Then write what’s inside the bag, the date you stored it, and that’s it! You have some food storage for later and peace of mind. 

If this process and product sounds like something you’d like to learn more about, or try for yourself, I recommend Wallaby Goods. They’re a newer American-based company (supporting American companies is super important to me!). Also, I like that they sell their mylar bags as part of a bundle, so it’s everything you need to store your food in a mylar bag: the bags, oxygen absorbers, and peel and stick labels to place on the front of the bag. 

I’ve partnered with Wallaby through their Brand Ambassador program and I’m in their affiliate program. That means I have a special link and coupon code that I can offer my friends, family, and followers to use when they shop, and in return I earn a small percentage on sales made using my affiliate link.

Use this link and apply my coupon code of Amanda5 at checkout to save $5 on your purchase. 

I really wanted to share some video of the process, but sadly, my current website theme doesn’t support video. I’ll be sharing that kind of content more on my Instagram, so if you’re on there, give me a follow!

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