Writing in Public: The Life of a Nomad

A library in my region. According to an inset placard on the building, the structure is over 100 years old and was built by Freemasons, which explains the phrase above the entrance and some of the design details.

Thank goodness public library use is universally free to the people. Since my move to a small town, and because we currently do not have internet access in our home, I’ve really had to embrace the nomadic lifestyle in order to write and use the ‘Net.

Most days when I need to check my email or post something to my blog, I walk to the public library in my town, or to a relative’s house. Some days, I need my alone time, and crave a change of scenery. When this happens, I arrange a way to get out of town and write in libraries and McDonald’s restaurants across my region.

The picture I used for this post was taken outside the public library in Centralia, IL., which is a town about an hour from my house. One of the reasons I chose this space to write in is because the library is a beautiful old building that sits in a picturesque four acre park.

When I first saw the library a few months ago, I thought it looked like it’d be a great place to write.  So earlier this week, I decided to take a trip and a chance on the Centralia library. I’m happy to say my venture paid off. The old library was peaceful, quiet and gave off great vibes, which resulted in an afternoon of inspiration and productivity for me.

More Than Just a Catch Phrase:

Part of the reason I killed my old blog and started this one back in February, was to focus more on living the simple, small town life and the challenge that might pose to my writing career. The tagline of this blog “Adventures in writing and simple living” is more than a catchy phrase.

Since moving, I’m still trying to get my bearings and find my new favorite writing hangouts. Sometimes it is literally an adventure finding a place to write that has wi-fi and the employees in said place don’t shoot me the stink eye for sitting in their establishment glued to my laptop for up to four hours at a time.

Add to it that my husband and I share one car, and well, the challenge just magnifies some days. When we lived in the city, I wrote from home, a coffee shop, Barnes and Noble, area libraries and a place that serves the best broccoli cheese soup ever.

The Beauty in the Adventure:

My routine can be daunting, and some days I wish I had internet at my own home, a better system, more choices as to public spaces to write at, and my own set of wheels. But, most days, I embrace my nomad style of living, and realize the value in my adventures. I get out of the house almost every day, and the change in writing spaces keeps me from getting bored. Plus, writing in public provides me with endless opportunities to people watch. Oh, and my adventures allow me to able to snag all these awesome pictures for my blog and Instagram followers.

Where do you engage in your favorite creative outlet? In public, in private, or a healthy mix of the two? If you’d like to share your favorite place to write or create, leave me a comment below :-).

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