Sunday ROW80 Check-in

This week has went by really fast!

I’m still a bit behind where I want to be, but I’m farther ahead than I’d be if I’d never started ROW80 😉

  1. I finished Wild Mind, Living the Writer’s Life ahead of schedule. I love Natalie Goldberg’s unorthodox methods. I did a lot of writing outside my comfort zone thanks to some of the prompts in the book.
  2. I’ve been doing a lot of journal writing this past week, between jotting ideas for blog posts, writing prompts, poetry and just plain stream of consciousness, I’ve covered a lot of ground this week.
  3. I’ve still not hit my daily goal of 800 words per day every day. This week I put in 3,177 words. Not bad, I guess, but not my goal of 4,000. There’s always tomorrow 😉


3 thoughts on “Sunday ROW80 Check-in

  1. Over 3100 words is absolutely great. I always remember that words written are twice as powerful as the words that stay in my head. Obvious, I know, but true. What really pleases me is that you are writing in your journal–stream of consciousness–as I think that from our journals come some of our best writing. We are, as Natalie put it, writing down our bones. Later, we flesh ourselves out.

    Best to you in this round. I think you have strong goals that are more than achievable.


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