Everyday Adventures – Bean Tree Cafe

My family lives in a small southern Illinois town, and since I live about three hours away, it’s not always possible to make overnight or weekend trips to visit. Yet, my sister and I still try to get together every couple months, and that usually looks like taking day trips to somewhere on the map that falls in between where the two of us live.

Lately, that place to meet has been Waterloo, Illinois since there’s lots of options when it comes to places to eat and thrift. For us, eating yummy food and scoring thrift store treasures are top of the list and one of our favorite places to grab a bite in Waterloo is a little eatery called Bean Tree Cafe.  

My sister and I love this spot for numerous reasons: they serve breakfast all day, they offer both healthy and hearty food options, as well as a selection of drinks including assorted hot teas and espresso beverages, all served in a charming atmosphere. On our last visit in March, I opted for a soup and salad combo, while my sister went for chili and half a sandwich. We both enjoyed our food, but my favorite dish is their portabella sandwich, because even as a meat eater, I have to say, oh-my-gosh, delish!

And on this previous visit, since it was a chilly rainy day, I got a hot latte to go (not pictured).  The espresso at the cafe is coffee house quality, so I always get a latte when I’m there!

If you find yourself in the Waterloo area, check out Bean Tree Cafe for eats, drinks, and cozy vibes. 

This article is part of a series called Everyday Adventures, which is how I document exceptional food and drink, weekend camping trips, or inspiring moments in nature.