Doing it Old School: Why I Write in My Journal

I have kept a journal on and off since I was twelve. I  always go the old school route and keep a cheap pad or composition book on hand to collect my thoughts.

My little notebook and purple ink pen fit in my bag and can go anywhere with me. Even though I’m a fan of living with less, I prefer to write in a notebook than type my thoughts in a word processing program on my laptop.

In the busy digital world we live in, there’s just something so peaceful and centering about the feel of my pen gliding over a sheet of paper.

Journal writing is great exercise. It’s one of the best ways for me to tighten up my fiction and blog writing. Some of my best writing ideas have came from a line or two written in my journal.

Keeping a journal has been a way for me to practice “freehand” writing. Sometimes I get the urge to write, but I am unsure what I want to say.

When I grab my pen and let the ink flow onto the paper in freehand, I can write without pressure, I just keep the pen moving as my thoughts come out.

Journal writing is also one way I like to be reflective.

What methods do you use for reflection? I’d love to hear your responses in the comments section below 🙂

7 thoughts on “Doing it Old School: Why I Write in My Journal

  1. I kept a journal up until four years ago and then just stopped. I do miss putting pen to paper and might try giving it a go again.

  2. Nothing gives me more comfort than letting the ink flow when I’m stressed or happy. I have a love/hate relationship with my computer, but I’ve never struggled with my pen/paper friendship. Right there with you Amanda!!

  3. hey, amanda! really like your thoughts about journaling etc.
    for me, writing things down the old-fashioned way allows things to happen..dont ask me how they happen, but happen they do!
    the moment i write a plan, a want anything down, somehow things start moving, and in the end, i end up with whatever i wanted or whatever teh conclusion to my thoughst i would have liked! apart from that, i positively hate typing on my laptop…yuck! writing is it for me…!

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