Subtract Distraction to Add to Your Creativity

I truly dislike math, so it’s pretty ironic that I chose to use adding and subtracting in the headline, but I wanted to make a point. Early on in 2020 when the pandemic lock downs set in, I decided I was going to go against the grain. As I saw more and more people online discussing the shows they were binge-watching, my first thought was what if I didn’t watch anything during these three weeks at home (oh, the naivete of 2020 me) and instead use the time to improve?

How I chose to improve was by writing, reading, listening to audio books, and listening to podcasts. Fast forward 15 months later and I have listened to hundreds of hours of podcasts (I listen during my workday, while walking or running, or while cooking), numerous audio books, read almost 40 books, and wrote my heart out. I filled more journals with questions, ramblings, musings and gratitude lists, than I can count. I also worked hard on garnering more freelance opportunities and focused on my fiction writing.

Now I’ve built what feels like a solid set of habits that I’m not eager to give up. As life resumes to a somewhat sense of normal, I plan to keep creating, reading, learning, and by extension, growing.

Do you have any tips for being more creative? Share your tips with me here or connect with me on Facebook and let me know what works for you!