People Crave Simplicity

The past couple of months, I have noticed that I’ve been receiving lots of hits on my blog by people searching for tiny houses. I’m very happy that the movement is growing and I’m always happy when new readers connect with my work.
I see further evidence that searches for tiny homes, living with less and alternative living is on the rise, thanks to a few different articles I have read online. Over the past few months I’ve been reading Yahoo’s Financially Fit article series which highlights individuals living well on very low means. To me, this is exciting.
Anytime a more “mainstream” news outlet covers simple living, alternative living, or small homes, I see it as a way to grow these movements. It also screams that there is a new dream on the horizon.
I read an article a while back about a man who resided out of his RV and lived well on $11,000 a year.
I can hear the skeptics now, but the story is worth a read. I found the article fascinating. It’s amazing to me how little we really need to be happy, feel safe, secure and have our needs met. While some people may choose to downsize, others may have to do so, due to the economy or unemployment. I’m well-aware that having the option to downsize is an immense luxury and I don’t take this privilege lightly.
I don’t think there is any “set” number or situation that defines simple living or living with less. I think it is something that varies from person to person. For instance, I’m still trying whittle my possessions down and at times can feel as though I am drowning in clutter. For others, living in a 700 square foot, one bedroom apartment, like my husband and I do, may feel cramped.
Some may feel living with as little as possible, or around 100 personal items defines minimalism and anti-consumption.
There are no hard and fast answers, it’s all about personal choice and what fits one’s lifestyle. To me, all this exploration and news coverage of downsizing is more about opening minds and reconsidering choices.
The end goal isn’t a sort of consumptive martyrdom, where no one ever buys anything, but rather being conscious of how we live, what we want and what we need.
With the upcoming Christmas holiday I’ll be exploring these topics in greater depth, I’m sure.

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