Knowing What is Enough

Last week my husband and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. As a present to each other, we went to a small bed and breakfast in the country. We stayed a few days and just relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful fall weather.
I spent my time visiting with an old friend who lived near by, taking pictures and curled up under an old quilt reading a book as I sipped cinnamon tea.
It was pretty chilly most days, but I tried to spend time each day sitting in the Adirondack chairs on the patio. As I sat and reflected from the front porch of the cabin we stayed in, I couldn’t help but feel relaxed. There’s something very serene about life in the country.
The cabin we rented for a few days was an old converted barn. While my eyes enjoyed taking in the rustic decor and weathered barn wood, my allergies were less enthralled.
The old cabin had a distinct musty smell to it. Musty means damp, which means mold. My senses reacted accordingly and I spent a great deal of time blowing my nose, sneezing and what have you.
But even my mucus-induced state didn’t keep me from realizing the cabin was enough. I could live there 24/7, 365.
As many of my readers already know I one day hope to live in a small, sustainable green home with my husband. We’ve talked about buying a small home in the country for about three years now. I know one day we’ll make that dream a reality.
Sometimes it’s good to get away from your comfort zone and view things in a different perspective. After spending a few days away from the city and the noise of the Internet, I was left with a renewed peace of mind and revived creativity.
What will you gain by getting out of your comfort zone?

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