Inspiring Art and a Writing Update

A brief writing update:
I still haven’t began work on book three, I’m trying to tie up loose ends with my first two books before moving on.
Over the past two weeks I have been working on formatting my manuscripts for paperback. I was really excited when this endeavor began. Now two weeks in, I’m still excited, but I hit a wall and got frustrated. On Saturday I thought I was finished with the project only to find that I didn’t really understand header/footers and how they work with page and section breaks in Word.
I had spent about five hours on the formatting task only to find out I had more work to do and no clue how to do it. So, I went to the internet for help. I asked a question on Yahoo! Answers and luckily I got a response. I haven’t finished my manuscript yet. I plan on doing that tomorrow.
So far it has seemed as though publishing digitally is far more simple than publishing in paperback, but I have a feeling my books may be a little better received when I have an actual hard copy to hand to a potential buyer, rather than directing them to my website, as I have been doing for the past six months or so.

Art that has inspired me:
Over the past few weeks, I’ve written about some amazing artists in my community. I shared part of two different women’s stories in two articles I wrote for the online publication I freelance for.
One of the people I wrote about is a writer, like myself, but she has written a memoir and is looking to publish it. Memoir writing takes incredible courage and I have the utmost respect for authors of the genre.
Another person I recently wrote about is an artist. She’s a painter and an art instructor. The artist works in a variety of mediums and the most amazing part of her story, she is self-taught.
I love reading and enjoy reading fiction and non-fiction alike, as long as it’s well written. Lately, I have noticed the type of books that draw me in are written in descriptive and an almost poetic prose that harken back to the likes of the Bronte sisters, Keats, Jane Austin and Lord Byron.
Since late September, I’ve been enthralled in a series written by Libba Bray. The trilogy is set in England in 1895 and is young adult fiction. The books are fairly lengthy, but I have devoured the first two books and am on the last book in the series.
What art has inspired you lately?

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