Everyday Adventures – Finding Coffee Off the Beaten Path

If you know me, or just read my blog, then you probably know how much I love coffee. It’s almost a cliche to say that writers run on copious amounts of java, but cliche or not, it’s true for me. It’s not just that I believe caffeine helps the words flow more freely, I honestly love the taste of coffee, and I love the ritual of making it at home. I savor it (and sometimes I chug it!) in my mug whether at home, on the go, or at a coffee shop.

Today’s Everyday Adventures is all about some of the places I like to visit when I need my coffee fix. 

Comet Coffee 

This coffee shop is located near Forest Park in the city (St. Louis). I don’t get into the city often, but a couple months ago I found myself attending an event at Forest Park and I of course needed to get a coffee fix before my event. Comet Coffee serves coffee, but they also have a wide selection of pastries and baked goodies. I had a ham and cheese croissant and pumpkin spice latte on my visit. Both items really hit the spot. I’ll definitely make a second trip next time I’m in the area.

BB Coffee Lab

This is one of my favorite spots to grab a coffee in St. Clair. Their lattes are always perfect and the drip is also excellent. Bonus, if you’re looking for lunch, BB offers a decent lunch menu, including BIG salads, like the chicken Caesar. 


Riverbend Coffee Shop

Located on Main St. in St. Clair, Riverbend Coffee Shop, serves cafe style breakfast and lunch options along with an assortment of espresso drinks from lattes to americanos, along with drip coffee. 

The Washington Coffee Shop

Located in Washington, Missouri, The Washington Coffee Shop serves up pour overs, drip coffee, and espresso beverages. Even if their coffee wasn’t already stellar, they’d get massive bonus points from me for: a cute, eclectic, and inviting decor, serving pumpkin spice lattes 365 days a year, and for serving carrot cake “muffins” which are basically really yummy carrot cake cupcakes, complete with cream cheese frosting. Having written in hundreds (probably) of coffee shops over the years, I am a firm believer in coffee shops having a certain “vibe.” For me, the vibe I’m drawn to is welcoming, cozy, with a warm aesthetic and plenty of outlets :), and of course, they MUST serve good coffee. This place checks all those boxes for me…I can’t say enough about this shop. 

Undergrounds Espresso Bar

Speaking of coffeehouses with good vibes, I really love the decor inside Undergrounds Espresso Bar, also in Washington, MO. The interior features exposed brick, wood beams, plants, and lots of natural light. They offer food for breakfast and lunch, I like the avocado toast, and they even do coffee flights. This place also gets bonus points for offering scoops of my favorite brand of collagen or protein powder (the brand is 1st Phorm) to your coffee for a small up charge. 

Exit 11

While this coffeehouse has a number of drive-thru only locations throughout the St. Louis area, when I’m able, I enjoy writing in their co-working space and coffeehouse in Washington, MO.  The co-working space has options for group or solo working spaces, lots of outlets, and of course, coffee, pastries, and other light bites. 

Coffee shops in Illinois

I of course couldn’t leave out coffee options from my home state!

Joe Sippers

If you find yourself in the Effingham, IL area, you should check out Joe Sippers. It’s a cute, cozy cafe with menu options that include soup, salads, and sandwiches, along with delicious coffee drinks as well as bagged coffee beans. 

Crown Brew

This Marion, IL coffeehouse hits a high note not only on coffee beverages, but for their atmosphere. There’s an area with tables perfect for business meetings or anyone on a solo coffee run with their laptops, as well as a separate room with couches and comfy chairs ideal for enjoying your coffee with a friend, or a book. Try their lattes, cold brew to go, homemade lemonades, and pastries. 

Beantree Cafe

I’ve written about this cafe in my most recent Everyday Adventures series, but it bears repeating that I really enjoy the coffee at this Waterloo, IL eatery. Here you can find breakfast and lunch, as well as espresso drinks, tea, and regular coffee.

Speaking of coffee, I’ve created an account with Buy Me a Coffee, a website that allows people to support independent creatives with small donations that are about the cost of a cup of coffee ($5 or less). If you’d like to support my writing, you can donate to my Buy Me a Coffee account. 

This article is part of a series called Everyday Adventures, which is how I document exceptional food and drink, weekend camping trips, or inspiring moments in nature. 

2 thoughts on “Everyday Adventures – Finding Coffee Off the Beaten Path

    1. Hi Lisa! I’ve never been to Sebastian, but I do have family in Florida that I’m way overdue to visit. I’ll check out Cafe Latte Da if I make it that way. Love the name, by the way!

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