Introducing Everyday Adventures

I’ve long wanted to have a travel or lifestyle focused series on my blog (since early 2019 when I attended a travel writers conference), but the past two years have put a big damper on travel plans. And, although I used to indulge in dining out and exploring every microbrewery in my region, my tastes and interests have changed a lot since I completed the 75 Hard program last year.

Still, this desire to share things like my favorite places to grab coffee, fun festivals or concerts I’ve attended, outdoor escapes, and interesting local businesses hasn’t left me. Instead, the urge to create some kind of content around these things has deepened.

After reading a series of personal and spiritual development books lately, I kept getting the message about how profoundly our creativity and ourselves can blossom when we’re present. Suddenly, I understood this desire to create from a different perspective.

I started taking time to notice things, like flowers on my walk, people’s smile when I greeted them, and the flavor of a really good latte. It’s with these experiences that my series was born. I feel like we rush through a lot of magical moments everyday because we’re in a hurry for the next big thing to happen in our lives. Instead of rushing, I want to document, and maybe even romanticize, the moments that happen in between those big, mark-it-on-your-calendar-a-year-in-advance events.

And so, I’ll share my everyday adventures here. Some of these moments may be photos of beautiful antiques I see in a shop window in the historic Frenchtown area of St. Charles, to scenes from the farmers market, to little details from a weekend getaway. I hope this series will inspire me to harness the weekend getaway mindset everyday; the curiosity and creativity I have when I break out of my day to day life, and recognize the beauty all around.

Stay tuned, I’ll share my first Everyday Adventures post next week!

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