Easy Home Organization with Stack & Store Jars from Ball

I know spring cleaning is a thing, but I also feel like there’s a sense of fall cleaning and organizing that hits me each October or so. This year, I’m focusing a lot of attention on getting my pantry organized. One way I’m doing that is by keeping my dry goods organized. Much of my dry food is purchased in bulk and stored in mylar bags for long term and in airtight canisters for short term use.

I recently received a new product from Ball and I’m super pleased with them. These stack and store jars are made from glass and are airtight. I love that they’re slightly square shaped, which makes them easier to stack safely.

Also, they’re aesthetically pleasing. The understated design easily goes with any decor. I’m using mine for pantry staples like rice, sugar, stevia, and ground flax. I also put some dehydrated zucchini slices in one to see how well it works. I may end up placing dehydrated fruit (we love snacking on dried apple slices) in one and leaving it on the counter to encourage healthy snacking 🙂


I also recently started making my own powdered laundry detergent. And with that thought, I imagined how well they may work in a laundry room, which, I may try next time I make a new batch of detergent. They’re also a good size to keep in your pantry or cabinets, but like I said, they’re also so pretty, that they look nice sitting out on your kitchen counter.

Whatever you can think of storing in these jars, I’m sure will not only look nice but will keep well. If you’re looking to get organized, check into Ball’s Stack & Store jars.

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