Garden to Glass Cocktails, Why Ina Garten Is Called The Barefoot Contessa, and Gordon Ramsay’s First Restaurant Helped Him Achieve a Milestone – Tasting Table Articles of Note

Today I’m sharing a short round up of some of my freelance articles. I love writing for Tasting Table because the pieces are varied, but are always food industry related. In the past couple weeks I’ve written some articles that, as I dug into the research to write them, I found really interesting and inspiring. I hope by sharing them here, you’ll also find them noteworthy!

Like many Food Network fans, I’ve come to know cook Ina Garten as The Barefoot Contessa, but never really wondered why she goes by that nickname. In my article Where the Name Barefoot Contessa Came From, I did some digging around and learned there’s a fun story behind the name…and not to spoil too much, but at first, Ina wasn’t wild about the moniker.

The farm-to-table food movement is something most people have heard of, even if they’re not foodies. But did you know there’s also something known as farm-to-cocktail? Yes, farm fresh ingredients grown for cocktails – like herbs, edible flowers, and berries. In my article The Farm That Grows Delicious, Fresh Cocktails, I share about a business founded by two sisters who own a 10 acre farm in Washington state and grow “garden-to-glass” ingredients on their cocktail farm. Their company, Simple Goodness Sisters makes a variety of syrups from their farm-grown ingredients such as their blueberry lavender and huckleberry sprucetip. They sound so fresh and tasty!

Watermelon slushy mocktails with mint sprigs I made over the summer. The mint was grown in my garden!

Even if you have no interest in food, you’ve likely heard of Gordon Ramsay, the chef and “Hell’s Kitchen” host with a hot temper and a sailor’s mouth. In my article Gordon Ramsay’s First Restaurant Helped Him Achieve This Milestone, I found out (through research) that Ramsay is one of only four chefs in the UK to maintain an incredible culinary accolade that he received shortly after he opened his first restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, in 1998. Curious to know what award he’s maintained for over twenty years?

That’s all for now, but if you’re wondering what else I’m up to over at Tasting Table, you can view my full library of articles I’ve written for them here.

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