Good Intentions Episode 4 – You Changed, but They Aren’t Supportive. Now What?

You’ve invested in yourself and made a change. Congratulations! You feel great, until someone in your life lets you know they’re not happy with the changes you’ve made.

Or maybe you’ve changed, but the people closest to you haven’t and it’s creating some friction. In this episode of Good Intentions, we talk about what to do when people don’t support our changes and which relationship has to take top priority in these types of situations.

This is an incredibly common problem that usually happens with someone that’s very close to us. When this happens it probably doesn’t have anything to do with you or your change. It’s fear from change coming into that person’s life through you because you changing is going to change parts of their life: it’s going to change daily habits for your household or it’s going to change different aspects of your life.

It’s important to not take their attitude personally and also think about it from their perspective. Your change could be scary because it’s shining a light on what they need to change and maybe they’re not ready to do that. Often, even when they’re resistant at first, others can change just by osmosis. Meaning they can change just by seeing us change. Or by seeing us doing something different. They see us happier, they see us more fulfilled, and that impacts them.

Get the full scoop by watching the 10 minute episode. Click here to watch on YouTube and Rumble.

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