Good Intentions Episode 17 – Treat Yourself to the Best

My YouTube podcast Good Intentions is back after a two month break! Episode 17 is inspired by an interesting perspective from a podcaster.

In episode 169 of the podcast Evolve with Emily, a podcast from fitness model, motivational speaker, and personal development advocate Emily Hayden, called “Exotic” she asks listeners “if you had an exotic car, what would you put into it?”

Her response is that you’d only allow the best products and environments for your highly sought-after exotic car, and the whole point of the episode is that you should treat yourself the same way. According to Emily, that means adhering to behaviors that don’t allow toxic people or toxic environments in your life, and not wasting time and energy getting stuck in things that can bring you down, like playing the comparison game on social media. 

This episode has left an impression on me. I’ve listened to it numerous times. I feel like that’s because this message is something we all need to be reminded of. You are a precious and highly valuable person, and you need to act like it. 

fall graphic with Good Intentions episode 17 summary

I recently reminded myself of this by taking myself out on a date. I spent Saturday writing in a coffee shop, drinking great coffee, and I even took a hike by myself for the first time. Being outdoors with the sun on my skin and enveloped in the stillness of nature was so inspiring that I decided to shoot my Good Intentions episode right there on the hiking trail (warning: trail hair, don’t care! 😀 ).

If you’d like to watch the four minute video, click here to listen to the message in full.