How to Get Free Marketing Tips

Beginning Monday I’m kicking off a new endeavor. I’m delivering monthly marketing tips directly into your mailbox. These tips will be quick, applicable things you can immediately put into practice and up your marketing game.

I’ll just go ahead and admit it: I geek out over stuff.

When something grabs my interest, I get really intense and want to learn as much as I can about that topic. I recently earned a certificate in Storytelling and Content Strategy, and since I finished that coursework, I haven’t stopped learning. I’ve actually had a hunger for more knowledge on the subject because digital marketing is a field that changes rapidly.

I listen to several marketing podcasts, and I am in the midst of putting a lot of my knowledge to use creating an updated branding and marketing strategy for my pen name 🙂

But, back to my monthly marketing tips. I realize not everyone enjoys figuring out marketing strategy, so my goal is to give solopreneurs, authors, and small business owners the tools they need to stay on top of things in the ever changing (and often times challenging!) digital marketing world.

Since you’re here on my blog, I trust that you’re a friend and we’re cool, so just because you’re you, I will drop a hint! My first topic will be on a popular feature that both Facebook and Instagram use, yet many business accounts aren’t utilizing…


Then you need to sign up right here! I’d love to help you reach more clients, hone your message, and rock your marketing strategy.

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