Recent Freelance

Writing is one of those things that ebbs and flows. As a writer you go through periods where you’re in the “flow state” and the words are literally flowing, or you’re in the grind of being lucky to crank out a couple hundred words per session. In the past few months I’ve transitioned from the grind into flow, especially where my freelance writing is concerned.

Since I attended a travel writers conference in early spring, I’ve been focusing my writing and social media on travel and tourism related pieces.

Here are a few of those pieces below.

Over Tacoma drone photography feature. Tacoma is a city of juxtapositions. Those contrasts can be seen in the city’s various shapes and patterns, grit and charm, history and growth, its bustling port and scenic beauty. Tacoma’s differences are highlighted in the aerial pictures taken by drone photographer Aaron Bender, better known by his social media handle of Over Tacoma. Read more.


European eateries abound in Pierce County. If you love European food, but don’t have the money – or time – to hop across the Atlantic, never fear. You don’t need to travel beyond Pierce County to sample a variety of authentic European cuisine or purchase hard-to-find specialty grocery items. Read more.


The Camp Bar turns customers into happy campers. A place that touts itself as Tacoma’s urban place for adults to camp, The Camp Bar, in downtown Tacoma brings a bit of wilderness and whimsy to the local bar scene. Upon arrival, guests can’t help but notice the kayak hanging from the ceiling, along with various taxidermy mounts and a pair of 30-year-old hiking boots on the wall. Read more.


How to create your own staycation experience without leaving Pierce County.  For the past several years, Pierce County tourism records have been on a continual upswing, but this information isn’t all that surprising to those who live here. There are so many things to see, do, taste and experience in the region that you can’t possibly experience it all, even for those of us that call this place home. Read more.



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