Amanda’s Blog No More…I Need a New Identity


When I started this blog last February I couldn’t think of a good name for it, so I just called it “Amanda’s Blog” with the thought that I’d start writing and a blog title would come to me. It’s one year later and I think I’ve finally found it.

For the past three months I’ve been thinking about what I could rename my blog. I’ve scribbled away on notepads and I’ve doodled certain words and phrases, but when I tried them out in the header of my blog, they just didn’t look or feel right. I think I was probably trying too hard, I couldn’t see the forest for those darn trees ;-).

I couldn’t think of a title, all I could think about was what I wanted, but not how to get there. I knew I wanted a title for my blog that would give me a clear identity. I wanted a name, or phrase, that was punchy, plucky and pithy. Something that would go well with my blog tagline of “Writing fearlessly in the digital realm.”

So, just as I started to give up, I started thinking about the things that speak to me most. The kinds of phrases that I can conjure up almost without a thought. And I realized I needed to think about lines of poetry.

I’m definitely a poetry “nerd” and I’ve always been drawn to the British poets, particularly from the Romantic period. As soon as I focused on poetry a few names flashed in my mind, and then a line written by a poet who embodies the Romantic movement I am so drawn to popped into my head: “She walks in beauty, like the night…”

And then I knew. She Walks in Bravery. It just fits. The name plays off one of my favorite poems and it tells the world what I am trying to do, walking in bravery, writing fearlessly in the digital realm in order to share my story.

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