Writing With Pictures

Sometimes I want to express myself, but writing is too solitary and too restrictive a way to do so. When I start feeling like that, I usually grab my camera and go on a hunt.

I call this form of creative expression “writing with pictures.” I’m still telling a story, but I’m not using any written words.

It’s a great way to express myself when I feel any emotion, but I tend to turn to this process more when I am sad. Since I write romance, it can be dangerous to do so from a sad or dark place. Instead of trying to work through it when I feel that way, I put writing on the back burner and look at the world through the lens of my camera.

Photography has taught me a lot about slowing down. It has taught me to look for beauty in the small and simple. It’s taught me that sometimes the most wonderful things can come from a juxtaposition.

The best thing I’ve learned through photography is, never be afraid to change your perspective.

What kind of creative outlets do you turn to when you’re feeling sad, lonely or confused? I’d love to hear about your process if you’d be so kind as to tell me about it by leaving me a comment below 😉

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7 thoughts on “Writing With Pictures

  1. Gorgeous photos! It’s amazing how photography can make you notice the beauty in little things you wouldn’t normally pause to look at (like a leaf or a windowpane). There’s a beautiful world out there just waiting for us to stop and appreciate it!

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