Sunday ROW80 Check-In #6

I started this week off with a bang…then I lost steam.

I haven’t written anything since my Wednesday check-in post. I am still at 5,451 words for the week, which is still awesome and above my 4,000 words a week goal.

I don’t have a lot of reasons why I haven’t written, other than I needed a little break from the grind. My social calendar has been busy this week, but I’m prioritizing my time next week and my goal is to have the first draft finished by next Sunday’s check-in.

I’m only 9,000 words from finishing, so I think I can do it!

7 thoughts on “Sunday ROW80 Check-In #6

  1. You are not the first person, I’ve heard this from this morning. I think we’ve all hit that slump this week. Maybe it’s the weather or maybe it’s just that time of year where we are on that downhill slide towards the end of the year. Hang in there! And congrats on still making your word count!

    1. I think it’s the weather in my case. The past five days have been gorgeous. after months of scorching triple digit days, I had to grab my camera and get out there and just explore. I hadn’t been able to do that in months, so I guess I was making up for lost time :).

  2. Even if you didn’t get as much writing done in the second half of the week, you’ve still made heaps of progress. I think sometimes we all just reach that point where we need a rest, mentally and physically. Good luck for this week 🙂

  3. “Stalled” seems to be going around. I had beautiful weather to contend with as well, but mainly I’m blaming my problems on the Elmore Leonard novel I picked up on Thursday and finished on Friday.
    Here’s to you getting your first draft done by next week! 🙂

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