Sunday ROW80 Check-In #5

Whoops! I was so busy being a domestic goddess today that I almost forgot to post an update on my writing progress!

I’ve had another awesome week reaching my goals, here are my word counts:

Sunday (7/29): 401; Monday: 0 (but I worked on a photo shoot for the cover of Love, Simplified!) Tuesday: 1,571; Wednesday: 2,340 (ooooh yeah!); Thursday: 1,120; Friday: 0; Saturday: 589

Weekly word count goal: 4,000; Actual word count: 6,021 (yay!)




4 thoughts on “Sunday ROW80 Check-In #5

  1. Lots of words! Wow! I feel thrilled if I hit over 300 good words. In fact, my progress was ‘stop and start’ with many days at no words until I set that goal of what I could easily accomplish — 300 words in my sleep. Now when I’m drafting, I usually hit about 400 plus. But I never thought of a weekly total (I do monthly totals and keep a daily diary of key questions/research, etc.). I’m new to ROW80 but loving the Sun/Weds updates. Persevere and have a great week!

    1. Thanks, Beth! Actually, my ROW80 goal is 800 words a day/4,000 a week. I’m coming into the tail end of my WIP and I’ve been pushing myself for the big finish. I don’t think I’ve ever written 3,200 words in a day before. šŸ™‚
      Good luck on your writing goals!

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