Wednesday ROW80 Check-In

Whew! What an exciting week I’ve had, and we’re only three days in!

So far I’ve been making lots of preparations for my upcoming release: going over cover designs, planning a tentative release date, looking into beta readers for Love, Simplified, networking with book reviewers, as well as fellow authors and bloggers.

Oh, I’ve also been writing. Here’s how my word count goals have broken down thus far:

  1. Sunday: 401; Monday: 0; Tuesday: 1,571; Wednesday (so far): 327 (I’ll write more tonight while the rest of the world sleeps!)
  2. I haven’t been journal writing much lately. I need to get back into that habit, but the past five days or so I’ve just had an intense desire to write in my WIP exclusively.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday ROW80 Check-In

  1. If you have an urge to write in your WIP exclusively, GO WITH IT!!! I have the opposite problem. I keep saying “Before diving into the WIP, I’ll just do this little flash fiction… and this blog post… and this… and that…

    1. I’ve had that problem before, AmyBeth! I usually try to do everything else before diving into my WIP. It is a nice change of pace to want to work on it exclusively!
      Thanks for the encouragement. đŸ™‚

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