Sunday ROW80 Check-In

I’ve had an amazing week! This week I not only met my word count goal, but exceed it!  Here’s my weekly breakdown:

  1. My word counts for this week are as follows: Monday, 1,222 words, Tuesday, 1,112 words, Wednesday, 0 words, Thursday 789 words, Friday, 1,000 words. Grand total: 4, 133, exceeding my goal by 133 words! 🙂
  2. I have written in my journal almost every day this week.
  3. I failed to post something on my blog on Friday, but I did post something on Monday.


6 thoughts on “Sunday ROW80 Check-In

  1. Excellent work!

    I found that writing in a journal every day was always a really good way to keep my head in the game. I slacked off on the journal when I started blogging every day. But now I’m journaling again, and it feels good.

    1. Karen, it’s been HOT here in the Midwest. Temps are in the 100s most days. I’m keeping myself going by writing and thinking about autumn, it’ll be here sooner than we think :-).

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