Wednesday ROW80 Check-In

Emotionally, this has been a tough week. I’ve been all over the place, up, down and everywhere in between. Writing-wise, it’s been great. Apparently, writing is the best medicine.

  1. I’m ahead of my goal for the week. I have put down 2,344 words so far this week. Monday was an amazing day, the Muse smiled on me and I put in about three hours of writing and got in 1,222 words. Tuesday, I kept up most of the previous day’s steam, and got in 1,122 words in my WIP.
  2. With all the emotions swirling about my head, I’ve been faithfully writing in my journal. I’m getting my one page a day in, and some days I have written as many as five pages.
  3. I finished my book on the writing craft early, and have not started another book about writing or publishing yet. I plan on starting Let’s Get Digital: How to Self-Publish and Why You Should, by David Gaughran on Saturday.
  4. I have slacked the past week on my commitment to reading a piece of classical literature. I am still on Book II of Paradise Lost. I’ll try to catch up this weekend.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday ROW80 Check-In

  1. Congrats on your writing goals this week! I’m sorry that it came because of emotional pain, but it’s nice to sometimes lose ourselves in the world of others.

    Good luck to you on hitting the rest of your goals!

  2. Amanda, that’s great to hear! 🙂 I find writing helps me get things straight in my head when all the emotions are swirling around with no other place to go. Keep up the excellent work!

    Cate (ROW80)

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