Marrying the Old With the New

There’s something about living in a small town that inspires an appreciation for the simpler things and a longing to know more about the past.

Since my move to Illinois, I’ve been working to get back on a schedule with my writing, both on my blog and in my work-in-progress book. Since I have a cousin researching our family tree, and given I have no home internet connection, I (sometimes my cousin and I) spend a lot of time in area libraries.

As I continue to work on book three, I am slowly gathering the information I need for book four. In my fourth novel, I plan on delving into the historical fiction genre.

Part of the inspiration for my historical book stems from the old buildings and ancient features I see everyday in my hometown.

My family has resided in the Southern Illinois area for almost two centuries, by digging deeper into the historical society in town, I feel like I am connecting with my roots.

Besides feeling inspired by the facets of history I am discovering, I like to think I am mixing the simple and historical with the new and technological: Writing on my laptop while I sit on my front porch and simply listen to the rain fall; Writing in the genealogy room of the library while surrounded by census records and other documents dating back nearly two hundred years.

I’ve got my historical research cut out for me and it will be a long time before I am ready to begin writing book numero quatro, but the preparation along the way is going to be fun.



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