How Big is Your World?

I took the picture for today’s blog post back in October using my iPod Touch and some filters via the Instagram app. I was captivated by the view standing on a slight bluff out on the farm my husband’s family owns.
Picturesque scenes are nothing new to anyone who visits the farm, (called Podunk by the family). I’ve taken countless shots there that I’ve used on the blog and for various projects (the banner photo for my blog, the one of the swing, was taken there, as was the cover of my second book).
I digress.
What I felt as I stood on that hill, and what I wanted to seize in the photo, was this overwhelming sense of peace. As I looked at the sky and those big, white puffy clouds that seem to stretch on for infinity, I couldn’t help but feel miniscule.
I realized the world is so big, so vast and by comparison, my problems are so small. That’s why I love nature. It pushes me to look beyond myself, beyond trite human BS and our self-imposed limitations.
It keeps me focused on deeper things. On what is, not negative what ifs or what might be.
I challenge you to look around and answer this question: How big is your world?
If you’d be open to sharing your response, I’d love to hear from you via the comments section below.


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