Moving Toward the Future

I like to think of change as life’s rhythm. This week, my husband and I found out we’ll be moving in about a month or so. My husband accepted a job in a town about two hours away. It’s actually in southern Illinois, where my family lives, and where I spent about week visiting earlier this month.
We knew when he applied for the job that relocating may be a challenge, but we’re up for it.
I’m excited to make this move for so many reasons. The first is that I know it’s an exercise in simplicity. Each time I move, I downsize and declutter my items. I always think I can get rid of more stuff, but it’s easy to stay complacent in daily life. Knowing I have to pack up every item I own is a huge motivator to go through my items with a fine tooth comb.
Another reason I’m happy about the move is the slower pace of life we’ll have. I’m not naive and know it’s a culture shock to move from the St. Louis area to a small, rural area, but, I’m from a small town and I honestly feel at peace with small town living.
I’ll be nearer my family and my oldest friends. There will be no shortage of people to have dinners with once we’re settled into our new home.
Last, but not least, I think the slower pace will be great for my writing. There’s likely less distractions and I know there is less “noise” where we’re moving. I can’t wait to blog about our new experiences and soak up local histories and get lost in nature.


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