Why Can’t We Just Let Go?

Over the past week or so, I’ve seen a lot of other writers/bloggers posting questions on Google+ about what their “theme” for the New Year will be.
I’ve never really thought about a theme before, but what seems to be sticking with me is letting go. I’ve talked about shedding unnecessary items since I began this blog and I’ve worked at streamlining my possessions for the past two years.
For a while now, I have had a strong desire to take things a step further and downsize my clothes to be able to make up about ten casual outfits for every day and two to three dressier options for weddings, special events, etc. But something has held me back from actually doing this.
From a logical standpoint, I should get rid of some of the clothes I no longer wear, which is the majority of my clothes now that I work from home every day. Fear is not logical and that is what keeps me from ridding myself of things. Not just ridding myself of tangible items, like clothes, but emotions, thoughts and past wrongs.
I feel like there is freedom, strength and reward in letting go. It’s easier said than done, and believe me if there was some magic on/off switch I could flip in my brain to allow myself to let go of things I needlessly hang on to, well, I guess I wouldn’t be writing this blog post.
I want to pare down my wardrobe, but it’s not really about clothes. Or stuff.
My hope is if I can keep letting go of things, like old clothes, then it will empower me to move onto the bigger issues and help me emerge as a stripped down, but somehow stronger version, of who I am.

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