The Positives And Negatives Of Living In A Virtual World

There’s something you should know about me, given the opportunity, I would gladly slip into seclusion.
Sometimes I wonder if I’m not too comfortable at home, living in a virtual world.
When my two days off from my day job spin around, I find myself not wanting to leave my house. I sit and quietly contemplate, read, write, conduct interviews for my freelance job and lately, thanks to Netflix, I’ve been consumed with the TV series The Tudors.

Many of my interviews for my freelance job are conducted over the phone, from the comfort of my own home. And of course writing and editing my books and writing this blog can be done from my home, or anywhere there is a wi-fi connection.
I love this virtual life I have, the work-from-anywhere feeling is one that can not be beat. One day I do wish to work solely as a writer and I can only hope one of two things does not happen when I am no longer “out there” every day among other people.
I hope I don’t lose the wonderful feeling I have now. The special way it feels to be at home, or working from anywhere. It’s a bit of a giddy, yet contented feeling, knowing I am sitting in my PJ’s, on my couch, rather than sitting in a cube, under fluorescent lighting.
I also hope, or rather I fear, that when the time comes for me to be a work from home writer I don’t turn into a “schlump.” You know, never putting a thought or care into my appearance, dressing in sweats or yoga pants everyday, since no one will see me. Then just choosing to stay home because it is easy, comfortable, it’s what I know and finally, slipping into full-blown hermitage.
Nah, the second scenario is probably not that realistic. It’s probably more my writer’s imagination running wild.
The first scenario is a bit more spot on.
Someday, far into the future (but not too awfully far, fingers crossed), I’ll work from home everyday and then it will no longer be special. I’ll lose the amazing, giddy feeling of writing a blog post from my couch or editing a book while sitting on the patio. I’ll get sick of being home all the time, I’ll want some social interaction, noise, excitement.
Sigh. So what’s a gal to do now?
Just sit here and soak up the giddy, yet contented feeling of this virtual life I get to lead two days a week, I guess.

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