The Price to Pay for Passion

I’m talking about your personal passion(s). You know, whatever it is that gives you real enjoyment and gives your life meaning.
Often times our passions aren’t necessarily something that pays the bills. Some are lucky enough to have a passion that is also a well paying profession.
So what does one do when the passion is there, in you, dying to be acknowledged and filled, yet sometimes you can not fulfill it? Sometimes we can’t fulfill our passions due to other commitments such as family, working or school. What to do then? How to squeeze it all in?

I’m starting to realize if I don’t make time for my passions, I will bever get a chance to pursue them. I have to make them a priority. One of my passions is writing. Creating this blog is one way to pursue my passion. Even if no one ever reads this, that’s not the point. That’s not why I’m doing this. I’m fulfilling my passion. I’m enjoying myself. And for the thirty minutes or so I spent writing this in my blog, I am living my passion.

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