The Clutter-Negativity Connection

Isn’t it amazing how quickly clutter can creep into your home?
It seems like I just finished a hearty spring cleaning a few months ago, but I already feel the stranglehold of clutter again.
Since I’ve begun following some minimalist and simple living blogs, I have realized clutter can be a problem for almost everyone. It seems like my closet is one of the biggest clutter catch-all places in my apartment. I do realize that I am part of the problem, which I guess is the first step?

As a thrift-store shopper, I think I tend to buy more clothes than I need, justifying my purchases because of the low cost of my items. I decided to be mindfully aware of what I actually wear and use out of my closet. And honestly, I only wear about a quarter of my wardrobe. I used to wonder how I could keep so much useless stuff in my house. But I think I have found a correlation between clutter and negative energy. I have noticed when I come home from work and my house is a wreck and nothing is where it should be, I feel out of control.
Sometimes clutter inside the home is representative of clutter within our lives.

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