A Bakery, Travel Stop, Barbecue Joints, and a Wine Cafe – My Latest Feast Articles

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog with a roundup of my latest freelance articles, so I thought spring was the perfect time to bring in some new and fresh info!

Over the past couple months I’ve written some fun food-focused articles for Feast Magazine. From a local bakery, to a new travel stop, a roundup of the best barbecue joints in southern Illinois, to a spot to sip vino, there are so many great places to eat, drink, and visit in the Midwest and I’m grateful I get paid to write about them!

In March, I wrote an article about a small bakery on Main Street in St. Charles. If you’re not from the area where I live, then you’re probably not familiar with Main Street. St. Charles was Missouri’s first state capitol, and Main Street is the historic district. Visitors from around the Midwest and the world enjoy the cobblestone streets, restored architecture, and the numerous eateries and unique shops.

Visitors and residents flock to Sugar & Slice Bakery on Main to satisfy their sweet tooth. Read about this bakery, and its young owner in my Feast article Sugar & Slice Bakery on Main offers fun macarons, custom cookies and more in St. Charles

Also in March, I was able to get a sneak peek of a new travel stop/gas station/restaurant. Wally’s is a travel stop that is built around the nostalgia of the 70s and 80s era road trip. On the outside, there are over 70 gas pumps, and the 36,000 square-foot inside has everything you need for a road trip: snacks, drinks, camping gear, and Wally’s swag (okay, maybe the last one is more of a want, than a need). Read all about it in this article Wally’s, a one-stop shop for road trips, is now open off Interstate 44 in Fenton, Missouri

I’m originally from southern Illinois, and if you’ve never been to the area, it’s unique in that the food from the region has influences of nearby southern states like Kentucky and Tennessee, as well as from metropolitan areas like Chicago, St. Louis, and Kansas City. I decided to pay homage to some of those flavors in this article focused on barbecue restaurants in the area: Get a taste of smoky southern Illinois barbecue at these six restaurants

And, although food is great, sometimes we just want to sip on something refreshing. A new cafe on Main Street offers nibbles, dessert, cocktails, and wine. Check them out: The Wine Cafe offers flights, bites and more on Main Street in St. Charles

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