Empowerment Marketing – A Story Strategy Sample

I created a brand strategy for the final project in my Content Creation: The Power of Storytelling class, the first class in my three part certificate program in Storytelling and Content Strategy through University of Washington.

The brand strategy method was based on a storytelling strategy outlined in the book Winning the Story Wars by Jonah Sachs, creator of viral brand videos such as The Story of Stuff and The Meatrix.  Jonah’s strategy is all about empowering our audiences through our brands, by utilizing the power of story.

As part of the project, I developed a character who is the ideal audience for the brand, tapped into what she’s thinking, feeling and doing before coming into contact with the brand, then outlined how she can feel empowered through the brand and what it stands for.

The YouTube video below is a video of the PowerPoint presentation I created of the brand strategy.

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