Building a Network

A couple weeks ago I attended a job search and networking event at Seattle’s University of Washington campus. The event was put on by UW’s professional and continuing education department and included a stellar guest speaker lineup.

The focus of the talk was on the unique facets of the Seattle job market (it’s a hot, but competitive market) and how to network to get a job (use your contacts, talk to pretty much everyone you interact with). I attended the event because I plan on enrolling in a continuing education certificate program this fall and because I’m currently looking to grow my skills, add to my portfolio, and hopefully, find a job in my field that is the right fit.

I met a few people at the event and have connected with them on LinkedIn. My hope is to keep growing my network, not just to have a certain “magic” number of people I’m connected to, but to make new acquaintances, and forge new relationships.

I’m also hopeful that with more eyes on my online presence, I can continue in the direction I want to grow into, which is turning these things I’m passionate about, writing, social media and graphic design, into a career.¬† I even had smart, chic business cards made up to help me on this path.

Are you currently in the midst of a job search? Perhaps you’ve made a recent successful career change or you’re a master networker. Got tips, questions or advice for me or my readers?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment here on the blog and share your thoughts.

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