Inspiration is Everywhere

We’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for about a month now and we’re getting settled in and learning new routines. Probably the hardest thing for me so far has been establishing a writing schedule.

It’s odd because everywhere I look there’s something to inspire me, being surrounded by nature: mountains, water, stunning sunsets, mysterious fog and super tall trees.

But I guess inspiration isn’t really the issue either…as I’ve gotten ideas for three different paranormal stories just since I moved here.

Now putting those ideas into my word processing software and actually crafting a story? Yeah, that hasn’t happened.

I’m experimenting with different ways to be productive, including using voice to text apps. I’m also experimenting with the idea of listening to myself.

I know creativity can be fluid. I am recognizing that maybe I need times of creative abundance and dormancy in order to be really effective. I’m refilling the well, with the inspirational scenery all around and letting story ideas percolate until I’m ready to be fully engaged.


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