Still Going Strong with Project 333

Last spring I wrote a short post detailing how I was committing to dressing myself using the principles in Project 333. I wrote one post about it and never did a follow up to show my progress, reflect back on the experience or to show what items I’ve added or taken away as the seasons have changed (oops!). I’ve been doing Project 333 for so long, I really don’t even think about it anymore. It’s kind of ceased being a novelty and is just a part of my life.

So what is Project 333?

The concept was created by minimalist/simple living blogger Courtney Carver three years ago. The rules are pretty easy: take 33 of your favorite pieces from your closet–dresses, skirts, jeans, tops, jackets, shoes and accessories–and build a wardrobe from only those items. The remainder of your stuff gets boxed up and put away for three months. When the three months are up, unpack the rest of your clothes and pick 33 more items for the next three months.

There are a few exceptions to the project, things like undergarments, workout clothing, lounge-wear or sentimental jewelry you wear every day, such as wedding rings, don’t count toward your 33 items. Also, three “bonus” items are allowed during the three months. Bonus items can be anything you want, perhaps you know you’ll be attending wedding or another event where more formal dress is required during your three months. You can use bonus items to swap or rotate out of your three month collection.

Over the course of my three months, I’ll be rotating out one pair of winter shoes for a pair more suited for warmer weather, a heavy sweater cardigan for a summer hat and a long-sleeved shirt for my Urban Nomad silk wrap skirt, this one item is so versatile it can be worn in numerous ways, as a skirt, a shawl, a top or a dress, so it’s perfect for this experiment.

Rekindled Interest

Two things have happened recently that reminded me how awesome Project 333 is and has made me want to share more about it in the hopes that other women might want to join in.

First, my sister just started Project 333 for the first time and seeing her excitement kind of reminded me how awesome and unique this clothing challenge really is.

Also, Project 333 has been in the press, O Magazine wrote a feature on the clothing challenge! Which is so great. Truly wonderful job to the editorial crew at O. So many magazines tend to push consumerism and usually feature write ups on pricey items-particularly where fashion is concerned-I stopped reading most magazines for that simple fact. Too many times I would flip through the pages and fall in love with an outfit or an article of clothing only to feel shock waves at the price tags on said items.

To learn more about Project 333, visit this Getting Started guide, which outlines the project from A-Z, you can also visit the Project 333 Facebook page or view Courtney’s Project 333 community Pinterest board.

View a complete list of all the items I chose for the experiment by viewing my Project 333 Pinterest board.




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