How a Minimalist Maven Packs for Vacation

Things are going well here in my neck of the woods. As part of my resolution to embrace wanderlust, my husband and I are preparing to leave for our vacation to Seattle. I’m super excited for my first ever trip to the Pacific Northwest.

Since we’re flying and not staying all that long, we decided to carry on only. It makes the air travel process quicker and less stressful. We’re sharing one small carry-on suitcase so both of us are packing as lightly as possible.

When visiting a new climate, there can be the temptation to pack a wardrobe suitable for all seasons, which often means over packing. To ensure we didn’t fall into this trap, we really thought about what we’d be doing during our stay, what the weather would be like and then figured out what we’d really need.

We’re flying in late at night and flying out mid-morning, so we’ll only spend a total of four full days there, so with that thought in mind I decided on the following items. This list includes everything I’ll wear while in the Pacific Northwest:

  • Two pairs of leggings ( black)
  • 1 black dress
  • 1 flannel shirt (I felt obligated to pack this. Seattle is the flannel capitol, right?)
  • 1 black lacy camisole for layering
  • 1 shrug cardigan ( black)
  • 1 Urban Nomad convertible silk wrap (it can be worn as a dress, skirt, top or wrap)
  • 1 pair crochet boot cuffs  (grey)
  • undergarments
  • 6 pairs of socks
  • 1 pair pjs
  • 1 pair RedHead all season boots (for the rainy, PNW weather)

As you can tell, I like black. It’s easy to coordinate with, since it goes with everything!

I’ll post more about our trip next week. Expect pictures 😉

Stay well, everyone!

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