It’s Time for the Percolator


It’s time for the percolator!

No, I’m not talking about the dance. Or that hilariously stupid YouTube video.

I mean a coffee percolator.

A couple of months ago our Mr. Coffee quit working and rather than running out and buying another coffeemaker, my husband and I decided to wait.  This decision was made in part on our being frugal.

We’ve found if we wait a week or two–or more–on purchases often times a more frugal option will present itself. That’s just what happened with our percolator.

After two months without a coffeemaker we purchased the stainless steel kettle at my husband’s place of work, a popular outdoor recreation store, and got it for about $20 with his employee discount.

I’ve had coffee from automatic coffeemakers–from restaurant-grade Bunn coffeemakers, to high-powered espresso/cappuccino machines, to the current trend of Keurig machines–and this little stainless steel perculator makes an amazing cup of java. It is truly the best, hottest, most flavorful mug of Joe I’ve ever tasted.

Drinking delicious fresh perked coffee just reaffirms my belief that more times than not, simple is better.


2 thoughts on “It’s Time for the Percolator

  1. I grew up drinking coffee brewed on top of the stove like this. There’s nothing like the aroma and comfort factor as it brews. My husband and I have discussed going back to making coffee this way. (I still have a percolator) Plus they last forever so they truly are frugal.

    1. Yes, the frugal factor was one of the major contributing factors to our purchase, plus we can take it with us when we camp, unlike our old electronic coffeemaker.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with a percolator 🙂

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