Hey, Spring, Are We There Yet?


This past Friday was the kind of day that reminds you that spring is just around the corner. It was sunny and the temperature here in Missouri was in the 60s. I used the pleasant weather as an opportunity to not only get out of my house, but also to take some pictures.

As a reader of my blog, you may or may not know (or care)  that I freelance write for an online publication called Missouri.com. In a nutshell, I write pieces that highlight all the greatness that the Show Me State has to offer. On Friday I was out getting pictures to accompany two upcoming articles, both are “best of” type of pieces that will showcase a few parks and art centers in my neck of the Missouri woods :).

So, as I was walking through several parks and admiring works of art on exhibit in a few galleries, I realized something. Lately, I’ve not been very good at acting like a tourist in my own town. And I think that’s something everyone should learn to be good at.

I spent about three hours, and zero dollars, on a day that ended up being pretty entertaining. I tried to look at each tree, stone and historical marker through the eyes of a tourist. When I got to each place, I tried to pretend I’d never been there before, if for no other reason than to take in new details, to get a photo from a different angle and to be able to tell the story from a fresh perspective.

Getting out of my house made me realize just how much hibernation I’ve been doing this winter. It’s made me itch to get out of my cave to explore new places  and revisit some of my favorites. I’m actually surprised at the level of my cabin fever.  A long-time lover of frigid temps, snuggling under blankets and drinking cocoa, I am now eager for the weather to break. I’m ready to walk to the corner cafe to write, head to the park to get pictures for my blog and free my bike from its winter prison (a big green tarp).

So, come on spring, release the buds on the beautiful flowering trees, bring out the chirping birds and unleash those warmer temperatures.


2 thoughts on “Hey, Spring, Are We There Yet?

    1. Thanks. Today I decided to practice what I preach. I went to the library and spent about four hours (trying to) write. It was a successful outing for the most part :-).

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