I Write Like Who?


Recently I discovered this interesting website called I Write Like thanks to author Shannon A Thompson’s blog post.

The idea behind the website is to copy and paste some of your writing, it can be anything from a blog post, a journal entry to fiction. The site analyzes your word choices and other info and tells you which famous writer you write like.

I was so fascinated by this site that I copy and pasted several different pieces of writing onto the site. You know what? Each time I put in a piece of writing I got a different writer I was compared to. Which I was excited about, it told me my writing and word choices are varied, since I put in bits from blog posts, articles and fiction.

What surprised me (but looking back, shouldn’t have) was that out of the seven pieces I entered five of those came back as comparing me to male authors while only two of those seven writers I was compared to were women. I shouldn’t be surprised by this, after all I have always known I was a tomboy.

I grew up playing with my deviant hellion rambunctious boy cousins. We played with Chinese throwing stars, made homemade bombs in plastic bottles from cleaning supplies and played ‘war’ with sticks for guns and rocks for grenades.

So, it’s not really surprising my word choices match up with male writers than female. Yet somehow I am able to write romance :).

To see some of the writers I write like click here, here, here, here and here.

Whether you’re a writer or not, you should hop over to the site and see which famous write you write like, it’s pretty fun!

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