Keeping the Creative Well Full

Over my short break (it went by super fast)  from posting this past week and a half, I tried to focus on what feeds my creativity and avoided things that didn’t. Taking breaks from time to time can serve to recharge our batteries and keep the creative well from drying up.

Here’s a few things I have done to recharge:

Taking  pictures:

Being back in the city again has helped me realize how inspiring all the city architecture, trees and even a forest can be. I think I forgot how much I loved walking down the street, armed with my camera, or more often than not, just the camera on my iPod touch.

Making time for edits:

It may not sound like the best way to unwind or recharge, but believe it or not, editing my third novel has been relaxing. As I have been fine-tuning my manuscript, I keep hearing the wonderful advice my college English professor, who is also a mystery author, gave me: you need to write a first book to know how to write a book. The editing process this time around has been much smoother and I know it’s because I’m more experienced.


Recognizing the signs:

Since I lost my dad in late March, I have found that each day of grieving is different. I’ve talked about how some days are just harder than others, but what I haven’t talked about is how some days I feel dad more than others.
Some days I think about him a lot. Often times, on the days I am thinking about him, I seem to get feelings or signs. It’s like dad’s nudging me, telling me hey, I know you’re thinking of me, I am thinking of you, too. After all, when he was here on earth he always knew how to reassure me, so why should the afterlife be any different?

Today, I had so many signs from dad, from telling a friend a joke dad used to tell, to thinking about him a lot more, and happening to hear a song he used to sing from time to time.


Getting organized and making plans:

I am looking ahead on my calendar to not only the release of my third novel, I am also creating a marketing plan for Love, Simplified, finishing up a short, steamy novella, and creating a publishing plan for it, but I’ve also got a sharp eye on the month of November. I am planning on joining in the 30 days of insanity known as National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, for those in the know. I can not wait to challenge myself with writing a 50,000 word book between November 1-30.

It may sound crazy, but these are just a few ways I have recharged. How do you recharge or refill your creative well?

4 thoughts on “Keeping the Creative Well Full

  1. I go for a walk somewhere to get away from it all. Fresh air, landscape and a care-free attitude always picks me up.

    Or a bottle of beer and a DVD 😉

  2. I must carry my camera out with me more. Maybe the pics will inspire me at a later stage.
    I love when that song thing happens; you really feel like you’re not alone and the universe is listening to you.

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