Three Important Things: A Brief Update

I just wanted to post a brief update about three things going on in my life (and my blog) right now.

  1. My dad is in the hospital, he had a scheduled surgical procedure yesterday, and is recovering as expected. I’ll be back and forth between the hospital for the next week or two, so I may be a little slow approving comments.
  2. Starting today, my books Finding Justus and Love in Greener Pastures are now available in multiple formats! This is huge because for the past year, readers have only been able to get my books through Kindle and paperback. For more information, and links to the different formats, check out the My Books page here on my blog.
  3. Last, but certainly not least, I’m happy to announce that starting Monday, March 19th I’ll host my first-ever book giveaway for a fellow blogger. I’ll be giving away three copies of 3-2-1 Stop: Stop running and start living by Lorilee Lippincott, throughout next week. The book officially comes out on 3/21 (clever, huh? ;-)) and last month I was lucky enough to get a chance to preview it. Before I began this blog, I wrote a simple living blog for about two years and honestly, I didn’t expect to learn a lot of new things when I read Lori’s book, but I was wrong. The review I wrote for her says it all:

I have been a simple living blogger for two years and yet I still found lots of tips and ideas for simplifying all aspects of life while reading 3-2-1 Stop. In fact, the book not only teaches how to get rid of tangible clutter, but also how to simplify our emotional clutter. There are many things that made 3-2-1 Stop a standout, but I think what impressed me most about the book is the simple, conversational tone in which it was written.

3 thoughts on “Three Important Things: A Brief Update

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad, I’ll pray for a speedy recovery. I’m traveling right now but I hope to check in with your blog on Monday. Lorillee’s book sounds like a breath of fresh air. Congrats to you on your books being released in other formats, that has to be exciting. High-fives!

    1. Thank you, Kate! I’m overwhelmed at how many kind words and prayers I’ve received in the past few days. 🙂

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