The Importance of a Routine

Last week I spent a few days basically feeling homeless and lost. I wasn’t really homeless, but my husband and I tried staying with a family member that lives within thirty minutes of his new job for a few days. We gave the experiment a trial run while he got settled in his first week.
Needless to say it didn’t work out. We’re back home in St. Charles, and he is now carpooling with a coworker until we can find a place of our own near his new job. The commute is rough, it’s two hours both ways, but it’s worth it to us.
The few days we spent living with someone else made us realize how much we need our daily routines at home.
While we’re both grateful we have family that were willing to open their home up to us, it didn’t make the transition easier. I think it made it harder, because we didn’t know what to do in the evenings.
Usually I’ll write or catch up on emails and social networks and my husband will watch a sporting event he DVR’d or play a video game. These are our patterns, it’s how we unwind and relax, take them away and it causes both of our tension levels to raise.
Even though our nightly routines are boring, it’s what we wanted and needed when we couldn’t adhere to them. There’s something very humbling about when you figure out your life is exactly what you want.

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