Get Away To Get Ahead

Over my two days off from my day job this week, I went to visit my family that lives in Illinois. It’s about a two and a half hour drive to the small town, I don’t make it there all that often, usually I make the trip every other month or so.

Even though it can be quicker to take the interstate to and from my folks’ house, I prefer to take the back way. There’s just something about driving along a country road, no matter what time of year it is.

During the summer, I love driving through the rural areas, with the cornfields, soybean crops, old red barns and lush green fields as markers along my journey.

As much as I love visiting my family, catching up with them, and getting a nice break from my day to day grind of working two jobs, there’s nothing like coming home to your own home.

I really needed this short break and change in scenery to clear my head. Sometimes taking a short getaway is just what we need to jump-start our energy and creativity. I especially needed the break since I’m working more than ever now. I started taking on more freelance, and am still actively seeking more, in the hope that I can become a writer on a more full-time basis (more on this in another post).

Be sure to unplug, change your scenery or otherwise getaway this weekend everyone!

*This picture (which I took in my friend’s backyard) really embodies the rural, picturesque setting I tried to create in my most recent release, Love in Greener Pastures.

You can read an excerpt of the book here.

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