Spring’s Here And I’m Feeling Pensive

As I write this post, I am sitting, like I usually am, on my couch, gazing out my open sliding glass door that leads to my patio and the world just beyond. The weather outside today is stunning, it’s sunny, there is a blue, cloudless sky and the temp is a wonderful 70 degrees. On days like this I love to stare at the trees right outside my patio and just let my mind wander.

It seems I’ve been doing an awful lot of reflecting on my life lately. I’ve been questioning if where I am is where I should be and if where I’m going is the right direction.
My freelance work brought me to a wonderful woman I interviewed recently, who said something that just keeps coming back to me. We were discussing her life, where she had worked, where she’d lived, the people she had met and the things she had done.
She told me “I’m happy with the life I’ve lived, I’ve had a good life.”
It resonated with me deeply as soon as she said it, because the sentence is so loaded with contented wisdom.
It really sparked a mini aha-moment for me and has had me thinking ever since.

*The picture I used for today’s post was taken in downtown St. Charles, and is of three seriously pensive looking dudes. It’s a statue of Lewis and Clark and their dog, Seaman.

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