An Accidental (Clothing) Diet

Although I follow Kristy Powell of One Dress Protest on Twitter, and deeply admire what she is doing, I never intentionally put myself on a clothes diet. But I just realized that I’m sort of on one.
I have not bought a single clothing item in all of 2011. True, it is only March, but I haven’t actually bought clothes since late last fall. Which is pretty amazing for me, and may be a record of some sort. I’m not saying I am a clothes horse, but since I shop at thrift stores for the majority of my clothes, I have had a tendency to buy clothes more frequently than I would if I bought my clothes new.

I have no reason to go out and get anymore clothes anytime soon, I have everything I need.

So, what have I learned from my accidental clothes diet?
1. I’ve learned that I really do wear the same 10 outfits or so over and over.
2. I’ve learned that who I am as a person and how I carry myself makes a bigger impression than what I wear.
3. I’ve learned that the saying made popular in the Depression “use it up, wear it out, make do, do without” is a valuable piece of advice.
4. I’ve learned that the clothes don’t make the woman.

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