More on the Big Subject of Tiny Houses

As you already know, I love tiny houses. I have been following the tiny house movement and pleasantly watching it grow over the past three years or so. I fell in love with the cute little homes when I first saw them and I slowly convinced my husband that a tiny house would be perfect for us.

Dreaming of our future:
Hubby and I are still talking about some day building our own little house. At this stage, we’re just talking what-ifs, what if we did this, what if we did that, so that when we’re finally ready to build our tiny home, we’ll know exactly what we want and what will work for us.

Putting small space to good use:
I just finished reading Tiny House on a Small Planet, I took my time reading it, over about a month and a half. I really learned a lot about spaces and most importantly, how to effectively use tiny space. From convertible pieces of furniture to ways to maximize cabinet and counter space, I found some great ideas.

A throwback to the houses of old:
In Tiny House on a Small Planet, there was a section about older homes and how well space was utilized. The author brought up the important point that for most homes built within the time frame of the 20s through the 50s it was the norm for families of five to live in 1,000 square-feet or less. Every nook and crevice was used, there were no wasted spaces and for the most part, this was most evident in the kitchen. Older kitchens were designed with things like lazy susans, retractable cutting boards and the kitchen table was the centerpiece of the room. This made for easy entertaining and long family conversations. My hubby and I hope to maximize the space of every room in our tiny home, but especially our kitchen, since I enjoy cooking.

More reading:
I plan on reading more books like Little House on a Small Planet, just to get some ideas flowing and different perspectives. I think I may Google some pictures and floor plans of older homes also. As I have said before my husband and I are a long ways off from building our little house. We’re still in the dreaming stage, but I know the dream will become a reality.
If anyone out there knows of some good tiny house books or websites, please let me know about it in the comments section!

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