Unplugging: Get More by Doing Less

When I was mapping out my time off for the long holiday weekend I had lots of plans. I had plans to get some writing done, to get some household chores done, to catch up on my reading and to finally crochet my husband a scarf.
I didn’t get any of that done.
Instead, I focused on the activity of doing nothing. I don’t mean I zoned out in front of the TV for four days. I mean I actually slowed down, had lots of time for freethinking and I spent about a twenty-four hour period outdoors.

Basically, I unplugged.
I went out to my husband’s family’s farm over the weekend as a get away from the noise of the city. The farm is very remote and honestly is like stepping back in time at least fifty years. The farm is what most people would call roughing it. There is a house on the property and while the house has electricity, there is no indoor plumbing. An outhouse and cistern provide the necessary plumbing needs.

While out in the country, I worked to gather wood for the fire, I went on a couple hayrides and I slept in a tent under a beautiful, clear sky full of stars. It was quite cold out after dark this past weekend, but the tent was nice and cozy. And I must say, there are few things I have found to be as romantic as cuddling in a tent on a cold night.
I think what I loved most about my long weekend is that (for the most part) it wasn’t scheduled. It wasn’t micro-managed. And I was free to just be.

2 thoughts on “Unplugging: Get More by Doing Less

  1. Hi Amanda – I had an enforced digital sabbatical when my broadband went down – initially I panicked and then got into the swing. It was great – to take a break but not permanently. Love the sound of the farm – I spent some time living on one as a child and they are very happy memories. Jo

  2. Jo, thanks for the comment! You're the first person to have commented on my blog and for that I can't thank you enough!
    I actually looked at your blog when you left a comment on Tammy's blog. Nice work. Good luck blogging.
    And digital sabbaticals are great! 🙂

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